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Laguna Metallic Lusters

LC-201 / LC-202
Laguna Metallic Lusters

These overglazes add jewel-like and precious metal decoration to already glazed pieces. Laguna offers high quality European metallic lusters available in two popular colors. The 8% concentration of metal exceeds most other products on the market and provides excellent coverage and brilliant results.

Apply to the clean, dry surface of your glass with a natural hair brush. For fine lines use a striping brush like Laguna Clay's EB-856 Camel Hair Sword Striper. Liquid Metallics apply smoother and easier on a warm surface and on a warm day (warmer than 72°F).

To achieve concentric circles; use a banding wheel, kick wheel, or bat attached to a potters wheel to achieve a steady spin on the glass while applying with a brush. Using a Grabber Pad will assist in keeping your glass in place while you work.

The wrinkled gold or palladium, is achieved by applying the gold or palladium atop the pre-fired Wrinkle Cream that has been properly washed. Unwashed surfaces sometimes produce brass or pewter colors, respectively.

Liquid Metallics are typically applied just before the slumping process. Suggested firing temperature is 1100°F. Laguna Liquid Metallics have been successfully fired as high as 1550°F; results may vary.

2 gram vial
Price: $27.55 for LC-201, Laguna Gold
Price: $27.55 for LC-202, Laguna Paladium

WARNING: Lusters contain organics that can be a respirable hazard. Apply lusters in well ventilated area. Always fire kiln in well ventilated area. Make sure that kiln is ventilated (peep holes open) up to 900°F to prevent dulling of luster surface from evolving gasses.

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