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Easy Flow Fusing Medium

Easy Flow Fusing Medium

Certified Nontoxic, Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236

Easy Flow is a liquid medium formulated to provide fluidity for glass surface application, and dry adhesion to surfaces. Easy Flow can be mixed with frits, enamels, and/or squirt glass powders for fluid application. Easy Flow is compatible with all fusible glass (96 COE, 90 COE, 88 COE, and 82 COE) however; it is not a glass bridge and will not compensate for differences in COE. Always test product with your base glass prior to embarking on a major fusing project.

Easy Flow can be applied with a brush or with Axner Precision Applicator Bottle. Easy Flow allows the user to spread the wet medium using different tools (modeling tools, pencil, razor or knife or any other tool you might find interesting) to cover a surface and create effects.

1 pint jar
Price: $14.99

Application Methods
Create a watercolor affect by applying glass materials mixed with Easy Flow, wet on wet.

Achieve thicker layers of build up by applying additional layers of material mixed with Easy Flow over previously dry materials. Wet on dry application will produce the cleanest effect and most distinct color separation.

Obtain glitter paint effects by applying Easy Flow directly on glass surface then sprinkling frits or enamels to the wet medium. Tilt glass over clean paper to collect excess frit to be used later.

Easy Flow used with ball-milled frits and the Axner Precision Applicator Bottle can be used as squirt glass. Fill applicator bottle 3/4 full with the ball milled frit. Fill the remainder of the bottle with Easy Flow. Allow the liquid to fully saturate the frit. Then add additional easy flow to top off. Use Fusing Farm swizzle stick and mix well. If dry areas appear in the bottle add additional Easy Flow and continue to mix. Apply to glass by squeezing the applicator bottle. Repeat previous steps for any additional colors or imagery.

While Easy Flow is still wet, use tools to move the frit colors around creating design, visual texture and composition. Allow Easy Flow to dry, adhering the frit to the surface of the glass. When Easy Flow is dry, repeat previous steps to add additional colors, texture or imagery.

Clean up is easy: Undesired product on glass can be scrapped with a sculpting tool or razor making it easy to clean up edges and create lines. Use of a damp towel or sponge can assist in removal of any Easy Flow that may have spread on your base glass.

When using Easy Flow with Fusing Farm Frits and Float Glass products - fire according to the Sample Firing Schedule provided below.

Fire slowly past 400 °F to remove water. Fire past 1200 °F to remove soot.

Note: When firing ceramic/glass products it is important to use a well-ventilated kiln. Firing slowly to 450 °F insures atmospheric water is removed, that the glass and all refractory materials are protected from thermal shock. At 450 °F kiln ventilation can be closed to improve heating efficiency.

WARNING: When working with any ceramic product you should be cautious of dust and small particulate matter. Always work in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator. Do not use around food or beverage. Always wash hands and clothing after use. Some products contain organics that burn out during firing; always operate kiln in a well-ventilated are. For additional safety (MSDS) information call 626-330-0631.

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