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FEF-100 - FEF-905
Frits (Float Glass Compatible)

Laguna presents Art Frits that are Float Glass Compatible*. These ground frits made from float compatible art glass** made in the traditional batch and hand rolled style. This method creates color that is inherent throughout the glass, rather than just spread on the surface; assuring superior color vibrancy during fusing. These frits come in two sorted sizes: Medium and Fine. The colors have been hand picked to give you a varied pallet from hot to cold, primary to tertiary, and translucent to opaque.


Super-Saturated Colors

 (Hot and Opal Colors) grow crystals that become more opaque with hotter, longer, and/or more numerous firings.
7.25 oz. jar
FEF-300 Black Glass Frit
(Opaque Color)
FEF-700 Gray Glass Frit
FEF-700 Gray
(semi-transparent under transmitted light)
FEF-100 White Opal Glass Frit
FEF-100 White Opal
(Opal Color)
FEF-500 Yellow Glass Frit
FEF-500 Yellow
(semi-translucent in thin layers with transmitted light)


Saturated Colors

 are bold colors that are somewhat semi-translucent in thin layers with transmitted light; in reflected light they will be semi-opaque.
7.25 oz. jar
FEF-200 Amber Glass Frit
FEF-304 Plum Glass Frit
FEF-304 Pale Plum
FEF-306 Violet Glass Frit
FEF-306 Violet
FEF-600 Cobalt Blue Glass Frit
FEF-600 Cobalt Blue
FEF-626 Sea Blue Glass Frit
FEF-626 Sea Blue
FEF-606 Turquoise Glass Frit
FEF-606 Turquoise
FEF-444 Emerald Green Glass Frit
FEF-444 Emerald Green
(more saturated than Kelly Green)
FEF-404 Kelly Green Glass Frit
FEF-404 Kelly Green


Translucent and Tint Colors

 (will become less transparent with thicker layers, but still less saturated than the Saturated Colors even in reflected light.
7.25 oz. jar
FEF-208 Amber Tint Glass Frit
Amber Tint  
FEF-438 Light Green Glass Frit
FEF-438 Light Green
FEF-400 Leaf Green Glass Frit
FEF-400 Leaf Green
FEF-403 Pea Green Glass Frit
FEF-403 Pea Green
(more saturated than Leaf Green)
FEF-601 Light Blue Glass Frit
FEF-601 Light Blue
FEF-607 Steel Blue Glass Frit
FEF-607 Steel Blue
FEF-608 Aqua Tint Glass Frit
FEF-608 Aqua Tint
FEF-777 Neo Glass Frit
FEF-777 Neo
(Nobel Color)

This product has been tested to assure that the product is as close as possible to a set standard. Laguna Clay Company (or its subsidiaries (Fusing Farm and/or Axner Pottery Supply) have no control over the manufacture of float glass. For best results, use with Fusing Farm Float Glass Blanks and Fusing Farm Float Glass Cullet. Always test compatibility before undertaking major projects.
**  These glasses have been thoroughly tested using a dilatometer to measure the actual coefficient of thermal expansion and fusing tests with readings using a polariscope.

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