About us
We have fresh colors
A bumper crop of super green,
recycled, earth friendly products and...
a flock of ideas to get you fusing
You will find
bushels of savings
and Fusing Farmhands
to help you
Round up
great projects,
and product groupings

Fresh Color:

 At the Fusing Farm we are taking green to the next level, by recycling the waste streams of commercial glass manufacturers to make frits and cullets that you can use in your fused glass projects.

Bushels of Savings:

 We have based our fusing system on commercially made window glass, one of the least expensive and most available glass in the world. We prepare easy to use products and pass the savings on to our thrifty crafters.


 Many types of commercially available bottle glass are compatible with this fusing system, allowing you to transform some of your household waste into beautiful art.

Fusing Farmhands:

 Fusing Farm products have been developed and tested by Laguna Clay Company.

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